Days 1-6

30 Dec

Six days later and I’m still alive! Ha. Sorry I haven’t been posting but the first few days were really tough. I’m not even sure where to begin but I will do my best to recall everything. Yesterday was first the day that I actually felt capable of posting. Honestly, until yesterday sending a text message involved a ton of energy. Holding up a device and using weak fingers was nearly impossible. Now I’m on no pain medications and other than constant drooling I think I would be able to survive like this. Well here is run down of the first couple of days.

Day One.

I don’t remember a lot about this day… I wonder why.. right? I think I only had my eyes open for 30 minutes, and other than going to the bathroom, I slept. One of the things I hated was the breathing tube they gave me through my nose. It made my throat sore for days, when it was already impossible to swallow anything. Another difficult thing was the blood in my stomach. Stomachs can’t handle blood, which resulted into 2 days of me throwing up. There were many more positives than negatives though! The surgical staff and everyone was so nice, defitantely helped me have a better experience. The lifesaver  award would have to go to the iv machine.

(taking a break…. the screen is starting to give me a headache)….


Merry Christmas

24 Dec

Well my Christmas is officially over. Just got finished celebrating with the family with one last delicious dinner. Just wanted to let everyone know that surgery will be around 7/8 tomorrow and will take 4-6 hours. I probably won’t be back on here for a day or two, but thank you for all thoughts and prayers! And since I won’t be seeing most of the family on Christmas Eve/ Christmas, I wish you all a Merry Christmas!


Screen Shot 2012-12-23 at 10.23.56 PM

I’m all ready with my surgical hairdo creation from Katie!

December 07…Final Appointment

8 Dec

Today was the final appointment until the surgery! So exciting… and frightening at the same time! I must say though, I am extremly grateful for all of the medical staff who makes this possible for me. (It might even sparked a future career path for me.)Anyways, they took jaw moldings, more x-rays, measurements, and several other things. Here are some pictures for ya!


I know what you all are thinking…. and no this isn’t “head gear.” This is how they take measuremnts and align your bite to the molding.

ImageAfter this appointment I learned about the specifics for surgery. It will actually be both of my jaws because of the 7mm difference in my bite. Recovery time will be 2 months. Liquid diet for 6 weeks. Bed rest for 2 weeks.  Super swollen for at least a week. Again, I couldn’t be more grateful for this experience. Looking forward for the months to come! (not so much for recovery… but in the end it will all be worth it!)

The Beginning…

7 Dec

I have corrective jaw surgery on my upper and lower jaws on the 24th of December 2012 to correct my underbite (Class III malocclusion).

This blog will be updated daily during my recovery time and will discuss the whole process. Personally, I had to go through this process with little known information. I hope I will be able to help several people go through the same thing.

This is a hereditary skeletal defect. More than likely someone in your family has the same problem you do. For me, I have no idea what side of the family I got it from. On my mom’s side no one has it, and my dad was adopted with no known medical history.

Growing up, I always had a slight underbite with an odd bite. (I was able to put my finger in the back of my mouth without even biting my finger.) In fifth grade, my orthodontist suggested getting braces to fix my bite and the gaps in my teeth. I had those braces for three years and got them off at the end of seventh grade. For three years, I tried various ways to correct my underbite. By the end, the braces did correct my slight underbite. Little did we know though, my jaw would continue to grow and braces would no longer be able to fix the problem. Note: After going through this process, I learned that braces will not correct an underbite. Braces are only good to move your teeth. Some orthodontist might tell you that they will be able to correct your bite with braces. However, your jaw continues to grow until you are completely done growing. I suggest not fixing it alternative ways. It will be a waste of time and money.

My orthodontist then suggested my family to schedule an appointment with an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. We knew since I was only 14, that it wouldn’t be helpful, just quite yet. (I was still growing..)We also knew that before I was allowed to be cleared for surgery, my wisdom teeth would have to be taken out. June 2011, my wisdom teeth were taken out… So, now at 16, we went to meet two different surgeons. Both surgeons kind of said the same thing–I definitely needed surgery, one suggested doing cheek implants, the other one didn’t. We wanted to get a third opinion so we went an hour south to UK’s hospital. After I met the surgeon, I just knew that was the man I should trust with my face. But… really I just kinda knew and liked everything he had to say. He was excited and did hundreds each year which made me confident in my decision.

In that time above, I also got my braces during May 2012. This time it was with a different orthodontist who was more specialized in dealing with oral surgery. Yes, anyone getting this surgery must get braces. It’s mainly for the surgical side of things, but you might as well make your teeth perfect.

During the first appointment, sometime in October, I met the surgeon, got x-rays, and discussed what exactly would be happening in the months to come. We scheduled the surgery to be December 24, 2012. Merry Christmas to me!: )